Balance Sheet ($ in Millions) Income Statement ($ in Millions)
Assets Liabilities & Equity Sales
Current assets Current Liabilities Cost of Goods Sold
Cash Accounts Payable Administrative Expenses
Account Receivable Notes Payable Depreciation
Inventory Total Current Liabilities -- Earnings Before Interest and Taxes --
Total Current Assests -- Long-term Liabilities Interest Expense
Fixed assets Long-Term Debt Taxable Income --
Property, Plant, and Equipment Total Long-Term Liabilities -- Taxes
Less Accumulated Depreciation Total Liabilities -- Net Income --
Net Fixed Assests -- Owner's Equity Dividends
  Common Stock Addition to Retained Earnings --
  Retained Earnings Other Information
  Total Owner's Equity -- Number of Shares Outstanding (Milions)
Total Assests -- Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity -- Price per Share
Calculate the following ratios:
Current Ratio -- Times Interest Earned -- Return on Equity (ROE) --
Quick Ratio -- Debt Ratio -- Payout Ratios --
Receivables Turnover -- Debt to Equity Ratio -- Price/Earnings Ratio --
Inventory Turnover -- Equity Multiplier -- Market-to-Book Ratio --
Fixed Assets Turnover -- Profit Margin -- EPS --
Total Assets Turnover -- Return on Assets (ROA) -- Book Value Per Share --


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