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Dr. Maggie Foley
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Maggie Foley

Davis College of Business
Jacksonville University
Phone: (904) 256-7772
Email: mfoley3@ju.edu

July 2014

Texas Tech University, PhD (Finance), 2009
Cameron University, MBA
Beijing University of Technology, Civil Engineering

Academic Appointments

Jacksonville University, Assistant Professor of Finance, 2009-present
Texas Tech University, Research/Teaching Assistant, 2004-2009

Courses Taught

Corporate Finance I (Undergraduate)
Money, Banking and Financial Institutions (Undergraduate)
Investment (Undergraduate)
Corporate Finance II (Undergraduate, capstone)
International Finance (Undergraduate)
Corporate Finance I (MBA)
Corporate Finance II (MBA)

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors and Board Structure
Corporate Finance
China’s Financial Markets
Public Finance
Game theory

Published Peer Review Papers:

1. Momentum and Market States: International Evidence (With X. Liu, C. Hu, B. Huang), Journal of International Finance and Economics, Volume 10, Number 4, 2010, p80-p88.

2. Are Equity Incentives Effective in Chinese Listed Firms? New Evidence from Propensity Score Matching (PSM) (With Y. Lian and Robert Boylan), International Journal of Business Strategy, Volume 10, Number 3, 2010, p137- p149

3. Inflation expectations, realized inflation and effectiveness of monetary policy: A China perspective (With FangpingPeng, YujunLian and Xiaowei Liu), International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 2011, Vol. 2, Issue 5, 515-527.

4. The Role of R&D in Improving Firm Growth: Evidence from High Tech Companies in China (With YujunLian, Xiaowei Liu and Jingui Lu), International Journal of Business and Economics Perspectives, 2011, 6(1): 108-124. (ISSN: 1931-907X).

5. Personal Income Tax Evasion Determinants Revisited: An Exploratory Study Using Newly Available Data (With Richard Cebula), Academy of Journal of Economics and Finance, 2011, forthcoming.

6. Corporate cash holdings and financial crisis: An empirical study of Chinese companies, with Mohamad Sepehri and YujunLian, Eurasian Economic Review, 2011, forthcoming.

7. Property Tax Capitalization within a National Historic District versus Property Tax Capitalization outside that National Historic District: Another Application of the Tiebout Hypothesis, with Richard Cebula and Bob Houmes, International Journal of Economics and Finance, 2011, Vol. 3, No. 4, 14-22.

8. Do investors apply real option thinking in valuating corporate assets? Evidence from new product development projects, with Chengru Hu and Biqing Huang, 2011, Journal of International Finance and Economics, Vol. 11, Number 2, 52-68.

9. An empirical analysis of market condition, strategic competition, and the wealth effect of new product introductions, with Chengru Hu and Biqing Huang, 2011, Journal of International Finance Studies, Vol. 11, Number 3, 19-29.

10. Pricing of idiosyncratic risk in developed financial market, with Chengru Hu and Biqing Huang, 2011, Journal of International Finance Studies, Vol. 11, Number 2, 61-67.

11. Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Cigarette Excise Taxes on Cigarette Consumption: Estimates from Recent State-Level Data, with Richard J. Cebula and Robert Houmes, 2011, Journal of Economics and Finance.

12. How does the market react to a proxy fight? With Chengru Hu and Xiaowei Liu, Review of Business Research, 2012, Volume 12, Number 4, page 38-44.

13. An empirical analysis of shareholder proposals, with Chengru Hu and Biqing Huang, Journal of International Finance Studies, 2012, Volume 12, number 3, pp. 37-44.

14. How does demand determine the auction results of Treasury Securities?, with Richard Cebula, Robert Houmes, and Payam Bahamin, Academy of Journal of Economics and Finance, fall, 2012, forthcoming.

15. Audit quality and overvalued equity, with Robert Houmes and Richard Cebula, Accounting Research Journal, 2013, Vol. 26 Iss: 1, pp.56 - 74.

16. Book chapter in: New Developments in Economic Education, 2014, Publication Date: May 31, 2014 | ISBN-10: 1782549714 | ISBN-13: 978-1782549710, with Richard Cebula

17. Contesting corporate control: shareholder voting, with Robert Boylan and Chengru Hu, Biqing Huang, International journal of corporate governance, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2013

18. Recent evidence on the impact of federal government budget deficits on the nominal long term mortgage interest rate in the U.S., with Richard Cebula, International Journal of Finance & Accounting Studies, 2013, forthcoming.

19. The value of education: Evidence from Canada, with Xiaojing Si, Robert Boylan and Richard Cebula, Journal of Economics and Finance Education, winter of 2013, volume 12, forthcoming.

20. The impact of promotions / marketing, scheduling and economic factors on total gross revenue for minor league baseball teams, with Richard Cebula, Christopher Coombs, Luther Lawson, International advances in Economic Research, August 2013, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 249-57

21. How shall China participate in the development of XBRL? – An evaluation based on game theory, with Liangyu yu, Mohamad Sepehri, Journal of security and sustainability issue, forthcoming, 2013.

22. The Impact of Unionization and Other Factors on Undocumented Immigrant Settlement Patterns in the U.S., with Richard Cebula, Robert Boylan, Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming, 2013.

23. An exploratory empirical inquiry into the impact of federal budget deficits on the ex post real interest rate yield on ten year Treasury notes over the last half century, 2014, Journal of Economics and Finance, forthcoming, with Richard Cebula and Tina.

24. Updated evidence on the impact of the real price of crude oil on domestic inflation in the U.S., 1965-2012: A brief empirical note, with Richard Cebula, and Matthew Smith, 2014, forthcoming, Economia Internazionale / International Economics, Journal of the institute for international economics.

25. An analysis of omitted shareholder proposals, Journal of Finance and Accountancy, Vol. 17, with Robert Boylan, Richard Cebula, Xiaowei Liu

26. Implications of Recent Federal Personal Income Tax Increases for Income Tax Evasion, Tax Revenues, and Budget Deficits, with Richard Cebula, Robert Boylan, and Douglass Izard, William & Mary Policy Review, 2014, forthcoming.

27. Freedom and In-migration: An empirical study of the post-great recession experience, with Richard Cebula, Joshua Hall, Journal of regional science, forthcoming

28. Real estate broker / agent vs. lawyer, with Heston Luersen, William McKinney, Biqing Huang, Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 2014, forthcoming

Working Papers

1. Contesting corporate control: The role of ownership structure and antitakeover measures, with Richard Cebula and Robert Houmes, revise and resubmit to Corporate Governance, the International Review.

2. What causes shareholder proposals to be withdrawn? Revise and resubmit to Journal of Economics of Governance, with Richard Cebula and Robert Boylan.

3. An Empirical Note on Determinants of Minor League Baseball Attendance, with Richard Cebula, Robert Boylan and Robert Houmes, under review.

4. The investment decision: an empirical study, with Biqing Huang, Mo Sepehri.

5. The impact of investor information processing improvement on firm voluntary disclosure choice, with Yuliang Yu and Richard Cebula, working paper

6. Will there be life after LIFO? The impact of LIFO’s repeal on the value of firm, with Robert Houmes and Inga Chira.

7. Sports as a teaching tool, with Richard Cebula.

8. A panel data study of the effects of economic freedom, regulatory quality, and taxation on the growth rate of per capita real gdp, 2003-2010, with Richard cebula, working paper.

9. A Case study of portfolio optimization: Efficient Frontier, with Barry Thornton, Biqing Huang, Xiaowei Liu (working paper)


Discussant and presenter at the following conferences:
Financial Management Association
International Academy of Business and Economics
International Academy of Business and Public Administration conference
Academic and Business Research Institute
Academy of Economics and Finance.
Southern Regional Science Association (SRSA)
AABRI 2014
AABRI 2012

Professional Services and Award

Best Scholar of Jacksonville University, 2013
Member of Editorial Board of The Open Economics Journal
Member of Editorial Board of The SAMMAN Journals
Member of Editorial Board of International Business, Research, Teaching and Practice Journal.
Member of International Academy of Business and Economics since 2010.
Member of FMA since 2008
Member of AEF since 2012
Member of Eastern Finance Association (EFA) since 2012
Member of AABRI since 2011
Member of SRSA since 2014

University Services
Member of Davis College Of Business Undergraduate Committee since 2010.
Member of University Recognition Event Committee since 2010
Member of Davis College Of Business Alumni and Student Committee since 2010
Member of University Budget Committee since 2013